Everyone Has a Plan

Until they get punched in the mouth. (Thanks Mike!)

Thank you religion and public unions for giving us this gift of Spring Break. The APWH exam is about six weeks away, and while I would likely prefer daily checks with kids about their study habits, I also need a few days to re-evaluate my plan of attack for review. If any APWH teachers read this (ha!) and can send me in a thoughtful direction for review strategies (and I mean more than worksheets), I’d appreciate it. Right now I’m working with a combination of:

  • Weekly packets (no!!!!!) dedicated to big themes from each period.
  • Deep dives on high-leverage topics (spread of Islam, fall of Rome, decolonization), often using SHEG or Choices materials.
  • Lots of station work incorporating flashcards, Crash Course videos, and “brain dumps” (what my kids call essay planning pages/brainstorms).
  • Weekly essays.
  • Also thinking about working in a trip to the Met and 1-2 complete practice tests.
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