You Don’t Look Like a Mr. Miller

I’m not completely sure what my goal is with Room 400. It’s not under my name, I no longer teach in Room 400, no one reads it (except for the Best Addition to the Internet in 2015 and, according to WordPress Stats, someone in Brazil), and I don’t have a ton of focus.

“Blogging” early in my teaching career allowed me to document some of the things running through my brain and Internet browser as I transitioned from lawyering to teaching. I recently went back and re-read some of those old posts and this one alone made me glad I wrote a few things down during those years. I’m surprised how much I cared about education politics early in my career – I blame the early days of Gotham Schools. I still don’t think I look like a Dave and I need to figure out who “P” is – likely currently a senior where I teach now.

On an unrelated note, I’ve always wanted to “re-launch” Old Songs From Nowhere as the music blog I wish I started in 2000 – dedicated solely to short passages about forgotten tracks from albums that most people never cared about in the first place. Kind of a Fluxblog for deep cuts from The Cure, Harry Smith, and Whiskeytown.

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