The Week After

My students were WAY too confident coming out of the APWH exam. After reading the 2015 Free Response Questions I know why they were confident. I also know why I’m terrified. This year’s questions were incredibly fair and straightforward, although I am very surprised at how similar they are to previous free-response questions – the CCOT was pretty much 2004 with a date change. Which brings me to my biggest concern – I am not convinced my students would have been disciplined enough to incorporate the mit’a/encomienda change from 1450-1700 and then focus on slavery, then abolition of slavery, THEN wage labor and indentured servitude. Depending on how it’s graded they should pick up several points for addressing the question, evidence, and global context. Many of them could have easily written a 7, 8, or 9 on that question, but I am very afraid they will be looking at 3s and 4s, depending on how it is graded.

That said, I have a new CFU every time we write an essay – “how would your answer change if the date was ______ instead of _______.”

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