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Inaccurate Factual Background

Both my personal education and teaching career include lessons on the Supreme Court’s distinction between de jure segregation and de facto segregation – it’s included in law school and mandated by many state standards in secondary education. Richard Rothstein’s important 2016 … Continue reading

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Civil Fine of Their Own

I recently decided to pay less attention to politics and even lesser attention (grammar?) to the politics around education. I teach at a charter school and charter schools make strange bedfellows; liberal teachers with a social justice tilt often funded … Continue reading

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Recently Read Cont…

Spring Break ended yesterday. A few books I finished over break (and the past month or so). Empire of Cotton – Sven Beckert One of the best global history books I’ve read in awhile. An insightful look into the origins of … Continue reading

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Recently Read Cont…

A few books I finished as the school year came to an end and summer began. The Handmaid’s Tale: Margaret Atwood. I appreciate Atwood’s distinction between “speculative fiction” and “science fiction.” The events in Handmaid’s Tale are truly dystopian, but probably … Continue reading

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The Past is a Great Darkness

Several of my students recently read Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale as part of a literature circle involving Feed and Fahrenheit 451. As Handmaid’s Tale was the only one I had not read, I grabbed a copy. While a full … Continue reading

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Recently Read

Africa: A Very Short Introduction by John Parker and Richard Rathbone. I’ve been mainlining books in the Oxford University Press series “Very Short Introductions“. Parker and Rathbone’s Africa captures everything I love about these books; not only does it provide … Continue reading

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